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Incision Protection

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Standard Protection Therapeutic Towel
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1.Comply with the requirements of EN 13795 for standard protection surgical drapes

2.Comply with the requirements of LEVEL 2 in AAMI PB70

3.Permanent hydrophobic function, anti hydrostatic pressure is more than 20cmH₂O after 75 times

4.Polyester filament fiber does not produce dust, lint and fiber breakage caused by friction and washing

5.Anti slip, breathable, feel thick

6.Light weight, not easy to dye, low moisture content, reduce the cost of washing

7.High temperature and high pressure steam sterilization


Surgical drapes overall areas of the unified use of PS-BZ-B standard protection functional material. Suitable for limb wrapping and padding in surgery. Surgical dressing bag outer sterile barrier—Dressing cloth.