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Tracing System For Permanent

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Thermal Transfer Printer For Textile Labels
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HiQ-A 4.3+ thermal transfer printing technique at its best, this machine offers state-of-the-art technology incorporating a modern design. The large blacklit display shows the texts and icons and makes navigation very easy.


Prints and cuts quickly and silently

Large backlit graphics display

Easy connectivity: USB, Ethernet

Compatible with almost any label printing program

The HiQ-A 4.3+ is available in various configurations:

Base unit without cutting device -- for the use of perforated (die-cut) tape

With cutting device -- for the use of continuous tape

With perforation cutting device --for easy separation of (stock) labels

With rewinding mechanism (HiQ-A 4.3+ P)-- for the use of Hytex labels

By utilizing our thermal printing media and ink the label end product is virtually indestructible and perfectly readable, even after a large number of washing