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Protection Produrcts

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Standard Protection Surgical Gowns
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1.Comply with the requirements of EN 13795 for standard protection material

2.Comply with the requirements of LEVEL 2 in AAMI PB70

3.Permanent hydrophobic function, anti hydrostatic pressure is more than 20cmH₂O after 75 times

4.Polyester filament fiber does not produce dust, lint and fiber breakage caused by friction and washing

5.Anti-static, reduce dust electrostatic adsorption

6.Anti slip, breathable, cotton feel good wearing comfort

7.Light weight, not easy to dye, low moisture content, reduce the cost of washing


Surgical gowns A, B, C and overall areas of the unified use of PS-BZ-A standard protection functional material. Suitable for low liquid spray the risk of surgery, such as Tonsilectomy, Hernia Repair, Angiography, standard layout for use in dressing bag.