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Protection Produrcts

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Dressing Bag
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1.Comply with the requirements of GB/T 19633 packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices

2.Comply with the requirements of YY/T 0698 packaging materials for terminal sterilized medical devices

3.Anti hydrostatic pressure is more than 50cmH₂Oafter 100 times

4.Anti-static, reduce dust electrostatic adsorption

5.Polyester filament fiber does not produce dust, lint and fiber breakage caused by friction and washing

6.Good sterilization factor penetration, not wet pack

7.Light weight, not easy to dye, low moisture content, reduce the cost of washing


Dressing bag overall areas of the unified use of PS-BZ-B standard protection functional material. Waterproof material that steam and other sterilization factors can penetrate, and design for reuse. No lint, anti-static, anti slip, abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, high temperature washing and sterilization. After sterilization, an effective sterile barrier can be formed, and the storage period is 180 days.